Use Password Pal® to keep all your passwords in one place

If you are like the rest of us – you don’t have a place where you write down your passwords and other numbers or codes. Now there is a place – a little red book called Password Pal®. After using it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. By taking a step back and keeping your passwords written down, you can feel confident that when (not if) your computer or smart phone crashes, you won’t lose your information.

Use the easy-to-access letter tabs to refer back. No need to get fancy. For Delta Airlines – go to “D”. for New York Times, go to “N”. As time goes by and you collect more and more passwords, numbers and codes – write them down in your Password Pal®.

Passwords are becoming such a part of everyday life that we should all learn as much as we can about them and how to use and store them properly.

No longer can we just select the name of our favorite pet or vacation spot to be our password and be done with it. Many sites demand (it’s a good thing) that usernames and passwords be a certain length and some make us include a number.

If your favorite pet is named Fido, it now becomes Fido4534, which is not a bad thing, but not too easy to remember. With Password Pal®, you are free to make complicated passwords without the fear of forgetting them – you can easily look them up.

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